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The snake game dates back from the 1970s. Snake game is a popular game genre that doesn't inquire about any specific title. The original snake game wasn't those in Nokia phones. The game implicates controlling snake-head or a single block turning ninety degrees right or left to manage to eat the apple. Thus when the snake eats the apple, it increases in size. During the process, if the snake eats himself or bumps on the edge of the screen, the game dissolves. Generally, the more the apples the snake manages to consume, the higher the score. However, the snake games gained popularity after they got released on Nokia 3310; it had a tone of funs because playing the game was pretty easy and straightforward. As the Nokia phones advanced its technology, they launched more updates and sequels of snake games .due to this; individuals think that the founder of snake games is Nokia.


The snake game design links closely with the arcade game blockade, which was established and published in 1976 by Gremlin. Atari developed Atari VCS game surround and arcade game dominos, which blockade titles inspired both in 1977. The sears sold surround, which was initially among the nine Atari VCS in the United States as the chase. During the same period, another game that was similar to the Atari VCS game surround got developed for the Bally Astrocade as the checkmate.

The computer version of this game was titled the worm, was developed on TRS-80 by peter Trefonas of the United States in 1978, and CLOAD magazine published it the same year. Peter Trefonas developed the identical versions for the Apple II and Commodore PET. Peter in 1979 also wrote a clone of the blockade –a microcomputer clone of the hustle arcade game which was published by CLOAD. In 1980 Milton Bradley published an authorized version of the hustle arcade game for the TI-99/4A. Dave Brensen developed a snake for micro BBC micro in 1982, and the snake was controlled using the right and left arrow basing on the direction which the snake is headed to. The snake game only has one life, however as the snake increases in size, the faster it becomes, thus one mistake means you will start the game afresh.

In 1982, the nibbler arcade game was introduced, which was a single-player game whereby the game is faster than other snake designed game, in this game the snake get designed in a manner that it fits snugly into the maze. In 1982 Tron arcade game was developed, which was the version of a single-player which consisted of light cycles. Rattler race got developed in 1992 as a Microsoft entertainment pack.


The snake game borrows partly from the arcade games; however, the blockade games got designed in a manner that it was for two players, hence one would not play alone. In the blockade games, the players would traverse their snakes, which left a trace behind them. Therefore the trace lines acted as blocks to the other player; thus, the player who stays longer in the game becomes the winner. Ideally, the difference between blockade and snake is that one can play a snake game alone.


The snake game was not a popular game before 1997. This got followed by the launch of the Nokia mobile phone, and to point out, and this became a whole excitement era as it became the most selling phone then. Initially, the first version of Nokia was Nokia 6610, and then boom the snake mobile began, which signaled the mobile phone game era. However, the fire that got started in 1997 went to blazing and viral in 2000 after the release of the Nokia 3310. The device had the snake game in it, and it became the favorite phone of all the time in those years. The snake in the new Nokia 3310 was not the snake that was known initially. Snake 2 resided in Nokia 3310, which gave the snake its original form, and also it topped it with loading bonuses, which the player could pick during the game session. The game board or the field got designed in a cyclical manner, which facilitated the snake to go through one side and appear on the other side. Finally, for the game to be more challenging and fascinating, they added mazes.


Snake games became very widespread, and it became an essential part of mobile gaming. Everyone played the game despite the age as it was simple, appropriate, and addictive. To Nokia mobile phone user's snake game got referred as the game of life. After the launch of the Nokia 1600, the snake game was now called a snake Xenzia, which was close in terms of features to snake 2, though it had a monochrome display. The ideal launch of snake EX in the Nokia mobile came with an uproar improvement and development in terms of graphics though it still retained the key features of snake 2. Snake EX offered a show and top view of the green snake eating bugs, as you navigate around the game board. The snake could even open its mouth while eating the bugs. Snake X2 got launched in 2003 in Nokia 3100.


In some schemes, a player navigates the snake towards the object, square, or a dot, which is on the borderline, the trails left behind are similar to a moving snake. In various games, the snake tail remains at a fixed position; therefore, the snake continually increases in size as it moves. In the other scheme, the snake has a precise length; therefore, the tail moves and the snake-head is away from a fixed number of units. Versions player losses the game in case the snake runs on itself, on an obstacle or its tail, or when it runs on the border of the screen.


The snake game occurs in two versions, whereby: In the first version involves only one player, the player navigate the snakes on the game board on the aim of eating the provided items with the head of the snake. Thus if the snake consumes the said item, it increases in length, which in return becomes a challenge to control the progress of the snake .example of this type of snake game are snake byte and nibbler.

The other version involves two players and several snakes on the playing board. The games include the players blocking each other as they control their snakes not to run on the existing trail, which, when they do, the player loses the game. This type of snake game includes the Atari 2600 surround.


Generally, currently, if you inquire from any twenty-five year old or above years the first game, they played they will admit it's the snake games. The slithering game sunk in the hearts of many during those times when it was new. Here are the thrilling facts about snake games. The first snake type of a game was the arcade game known as a blockade in 1976, which was developed by Gremlin. Therefore the snake game is far older than the Nokia invent Snake games were popular in the 1980s since they got introduced in the early devices such as home computers such as the BBC Micro, Commodore 64 and the Apple II, and Texas instruments calculators.

There is no initial owner of the snake game; therefore, its version got made for solace and rejuvenation Initially, the snake was found mostly in Microsoft and computers; thus, a snake appeared in a Nokia mobile device in 1997, on the Nokia 6110 was modified in Nokia devices by a design engineer Taneli Armanto, user interface software.

The Nokia device currently is in its 9th version, and it has over four hundred mobile phones. Snake is among the first games that got released in 1997, and the other games were memory and logic. While playing the snake game, the maximum points you can earn on level one is 312, while in level nine is two thousand and eight points. The scores get calculated by multiplying the bits on the screen (212) with the level ranks that are (1-9), then you add one hundred bonus points for completing the level. Using the phone nifty infra-red connection, the Nokia 7110 users could play a snake using the two-player version in 1998.

The free entertainment forum (MEF) awarded Taneli Armanto in 2005 for his significant impact on the growth of the mobile entertainment industry. Snake EX version in the Nokia 3310, was introduced in 2000 in the 9200 communicator.

For the finish

Generally, the snake games were addictive, and they became more popular after the release of the first version of the Nokia phones. Most people will confess today they purchased Nokia phones to enjoy snake games, which would console them, and they were easy to play. Snake game can be termed as the mother of the most games today. The snake games were versatile enough as they do not have a specific range of age every individual regardless of the age one can play the snake games.